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12/05/2010 @ 09:40 pm - Hi...
Clois - Someone I cant resist
*cleans some spider webs around and steps in shy-ly* Hi people. Wow, it's been a while, huh? I really wish I had a good excuse on why I went MIA but I don't. I went MIA because I was too lazy to make icons or even post in here. Hopefully it's changing. Oh, wait, I was getting ready to go to Chicago and NY too (which I loved btw, Chicago's my fave city now!) so I didn't have much time to post. Guess that's my good excuse! Anyways, to make up for my lack of updates I have some pretties for you all (if anyone still comes here...): Homecoming icons (but only from the first scenes), Erica Durance icons and Icarus icons & arts (and those can be REALLY spoiler-y, so beware- they're under the cut!)

06/19/2010 @ 10:14 pm - Smallville 20 in 20 - Round 11
Lois - geek
Here are my icons for smvl20in20 . That's totally my least fave batch, which's weird since this is my most fave eppie of Smallville. :( Go figure, maybe it's because of all those black and white icons. I find very hard to make b&w icons interesting (so I tried my best here).

Round eleven, episode SalvationCollapse )
05/18/2010 @ 11:30 pm - Divine Invention down.
Sophia - Pout plz.
I don't know if any of you were a member of DI (the greatest Clois board online. Ever!). For those who were and are a bit lost now that it's down and don't know where to go, just go here, it's a temp (I think) board the admin from DI put together.
05/16/2010 @ 09:10 pm - Smallville 20 in 20 - Round 10
Clois - kiss+footpop+comics
Here are my 20 Smallville icons for smvl20in20 community challenge.

Round 10, episode IdolCollapse )
05/04/2010 @ 12:13 am - Guess the ship game
Wonder Woman - Fierce
Snagged this from scifiabby . I did it! I have 15 ships!

Pick 15 of your ships and write down a quote for each of them. Have your flist guess the ships without searching.

quotes under the cutCollapse )
05/02/2010 @ 06:33 pm - kdbkjf UGH!
Clois - YAY.
*tries to calm self*

+ I  just HATE that "my" soccer team just lost the championship. All because that DAMN REFEREE! [And just so you know how much I love soccer... let's just say Monster Truck Rally is for Lois what Soccer is for Cami. BTW, does anyone has a picture of Lois from the comics in a Monster Truck rally? I remember I've seen it once but I can't remember where I saw it!]
+ I just paid for my LJ account and not an hour later I got an e-mail saying my 100+ icons has expired. And I got the e-mail telling me my purchase was all ok. WhatdoIdo/
+ And last but not least, I won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on some categories on a Smallville Icons Challange @ smvl20in20 ! YAY ME! Winner banners are under the cut. ;)
bannersCollapse )
04/25/2010 @ 10:29 pm - Icons, everyone's guity pleasure!
Lois - geek
Woah, it's been a while. Surprisingly, I still know how to make icons! Yeah, you heard me. I made some from Smallville's Upgrade and some from the most heartbreaking scene from the show. Ever! That "I understand now" Clois scene from Charade (awesome episode. Worth checking out even if you're not a Cloiser and just like Superman. It's epic!). Enough talking. Teasers below. More under the cut. ;)

♥ 37 Upgrade icons
♥ 19 Charade icons (promise to make more from the other scenes)
02/28/2010 @ 11:24 pm - Conspiracy icons!
Lois - geek
I'm back to making icons. *everyone cheers* Finally! I started with "Conspiracy" because it's the eppie we only had 2 Clois scenes. Shame! I promise I'll make icons for the others 4 eppies (910, 911, 912 & 913). And because beautygirl777  asked, here they are. Sorry they suck, I think I lost my touch. :/Oh, and I almost forgot! Some Dollie icons too. I think I'm the only one that ships them (anyone else does? Please say so!). I almost slaped Chloe when she jumped all over Ollie this week's eppie. I mean, what about those e-mail to Dinah? Huh? HUH?

♥ 40 Conspiracy Icons
♥ 12 Dinah + Oliver Icons
Sophia - rock on \m/
Woah, I don't even know when it was the last time I posted in here... which makes me think that I'm only wasting my money paying for my account. Oh well, those ad banners annoy the hell out of me and I really need those 100+ icons so I'm actually paying to make me happy! =D
Well, I'm back now with some icons (Lost, cute stuff, Sophia Bush and Beyoncé- I went to her concert and OMFG!!!! the woman knows how to sing!) I really want to make some Clois picspams with all the new greatness we're getting every Friday and a Green!super hot!Arrow picspam too but I'm always too lazy. Grr! Someone slap me plz.

32 Lost
02 Suri Cruise
08 Beyoncé
02 Sophia Bush
10 Random

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